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At Eckhart Enterprises we don’t just help homeowners sell properties, we also assist active investors, property buyers and those seeking alternative home ownership methods to purchase homes. We are a good source for property buyers because we have access to an extensive network of available properties as well as real estate brokers and attorneys, property appraisers, contractors and investors.

If you are interested in purchasing a property outside of the conventional channels, we can help you! Our buyer options enable potential home buyers who have credit problems to find alternatives to the traditional path of lender home ownership.

We offer property purchasing opportunities for a variety of buyers:

Persons with Compromised Credit resulting from a Foreclosure, bankruptcy or Short Sale

If you have poor or even bad credit, or are simply in a process of recovering from a bankruptcy or other unfortunate financial transaction, we can offer you workable solutions to buying property.

First-time Home Buyers and Renters

First-time home buyers can face overwhelming odds to obtain a home loan, especially in today’s market in which real estate costs are so high. If you’ve talked with lenders and have been unhappy with the terms they offer, or have been unable to obtain funding for the kind of home you want, we can offer you alternatives to the traditional home purchasing process.

We also offer rent-to-own options for buyers who want to go this route. The rent-to-own option comes with a unique set of financial terms that may be more agreeable to your preferences. It essentially allows a home buyer to rent a given property for a pre-determined amount of time before finalizing the purchase. This enables potential home buyers to obtain a firsthand experience of the home and the neighborhood in which they are interested. Rent-to-own strengthens your purchasing power because a portion of the rental cost goes towards the final purchase and the process often improves lending terms.


Investors are enterprising businesses or individuals who want to profit from making home purchases in which they can improve the resale price. Investors typically must invest time and money to renovate and improve properties in order to increase the value and selling price. If you are an investor who has interest or experience in this process we can offer you property purchasing options.

Real Estate Developers – aka Land Developers and Property Developers

Real estate developers are somewhat similar to investors. In essence, they are investors who engage in a more extensive and complex process of purchasing or financing existing properties, buildings and/or land for the purpose of developing them into something grander and more valuable to the community. With our premium access to available properties, Eckhart Enterprises can assist real estate developers to locate advantageous properties that can be developed.

General Contractors

We offer general contractors unconventional opportunities to purchase desirable properties that can be built upon or renovated. Our services provide general contractors with additional and alternative options to attaining their business goals.

Self-employed Persons

Persons who own their business and are self-employed often times face extreme challenges in obtaining traditional funding to purchase a home property. Banks tend to have very high earnings expectations for self-employed individuals, and sometimes view self-employed persons as more of a liability than persons who are employed by a large and established company. Being an enterprising person shouldn’t force you out of the real estate market! We can help by providing you with alternative solutions to buying a home.

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