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Heat Pumps for Cold Climates – ID Falls/HEATING SUPPLY

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Daikin and Heating Supply have teamed up with the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project to offer a FREE seminar for Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington contractors.
Build your confidence in installing and selling heat pumps to serve even the coldest temperatures.
The seminar will cover how to successfully apply Daikin’s new generation of “cold-climate” heat pumps in residential applications while leveraging local utility rebates to help increase sales.
Agenda for this 3-hour seminar includes:
1) Market opportunities for heat pumps: available rebates, typical applications, more.2) How to get the best cold climate performance out of your heat pump installations, including:-Heat pump installation best practices for cold climates.-Typical residential heating loads using the HVAC Sizing Tool (Free) design software.-Using Daikin heat pump performance data for equipment selection.3) Overcoming home owner objections to Heat Pumps.
You don’t want to miss out on this valuable seminar! 
Questions? Please contact a freindly representitive of Heating Supply at (208) 522-0400